MASA LIFE is the next generation AI-based middleware that enables logical authoring and management of decision making and intuitive, lifelike behaviors.

Testimonial :

"Inverted Axis is a technology company that prides itself on ‘Making Smart Games Intelligently’. This includes working with like-minded vendors to enhance our capabilities. MASA LIFE has filled an integral role in our development and MASA Group’s support of the product is real-time and based off of a continued dialogue that makes them feel like part of the team.” – Patrick Driggett, CEO, Inverted Axis Inc


What is MASA LIFE?

A one-stop middleware for efficiently authoring and simulating behavior – LIFE focuses on decision-making and provides systems for navigation and perception.

A COTS solution providing cutting-edge behavior models – Design behaviors on multiple levels of granularity easily with cutting-edge behavior tree technology.

A designer-friendly solution – Intuitive and graphically driven modeling of behavior empowers all kind of users, such as domain experts, instructors, integrators and designers, to create convincing behaviors simply.

A fast way to inspect and debug behaviors remotely – Inspect behaviors in your application / target system remotely and adapt if necessary.

A powerful pre-visualization – Preview created results immediately and iteratively improve or extend simulation behaviors.

Overview of MASA LIFE

How can MASA LIFE help me?

Autonomous behavior design without needing a degree in artificial intelligence.

“What you see is what you simulate” - Pre-visualization sandbox allows for rapid behavior development. 

Streamlines behavior authoring and reduces development risk, costs and time resulting in a tremendous decrease of total cost of ownership.


Where do I start?

Download and install in minutes: request an evaluation directly from our website. Everything you need is included in a self-installer, with generic content for a quick start.

Play around with tutorials, existing projects, and consult our extensive online and off-line documentation to get familiar with LIFE.

Customize and reuse existing components to extend your own individual projects and behaviors. 

Configure & pre-visualize behavior and share it with your team-members.

Deploy & remote debug behavior configurations with just a single-click of a button.