Simulation for Multi-level Command Post Training and Course of Action Analysis.

What is SWORD ? 

A complete solution for multi-level training of corps, brigade or battalion commanders.

A fully customizable simulation - ORBAT, equipment tables or doctrine models can easily be modified.

A cutting-edge CGF (Computed Generated Forces) - At several command levels, both units and commanders display opportunistic and doctrine-driven behaviors.

A light yet powerful simulation engine - Thousands of units can be simulated on a single laptop, with a representation of all aspects of the battlefield: objects, phenomena such as natural disasters, as well as human factors.

A scalable and open architecture - Use of industry standards for terrain, APIs and communication protocols.


How can SWORD help me?

Setup small to large exercises thanks to doctrine-compliant intelligent automation, enhancing realism while allowing human controllers to fully focus on their core military job.

Take advantage of the rich simulation content provided in a variety of contexts, from battlelab studies to officer self-training.

Reduce your development risk and total cost of ownership by using a full COTS approach with software relying on industry standards.

Where do I start?

Install in minutes: everything you need is packaged in a self-installer, including predefined missions and units for a quick start.

Customize existing physical and behavior databases to create your own missions and units.

Generate new terrains from your standard source files and prepare your exercises with an intuitive user interface.

Run, supervise and play your exercises in a single or multi-player mode and replay your exercise and analyze the results with integrated AAR capabilities.


SWORD: The simulation heart inside SCIPIO

SCIPIO was developed by MASA Group in cooperation with Thales Communications
Both companies are joint contractors of the DGA, the French Defense procurement agency.
MASA provides SCIPIO’s simulation heart, SWORD, and Thales Communications provides the interface with the communications systems used by the French Army.


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